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2015 News

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Posted by: Fred on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, but it certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Lots of things have happened in life’s journey the past year or so, but it’s all good. Helps with the character building. LOL!

This year, I’m still booking trips, still guiding, and still having fun with clients and friends. Most of the fishing I’m doing is with 4 – 9wt fly rods, and/or 4 – 10wt spin rods. I truly enjoy teaching all kinds of “outside the box” methods that most people will never experience. What does that mean for you? More opportunities to catch fish in almost any type of conditions. Why limit yourself? Let me help you broaden your horizons. And yes, I still enjoy spin fishing and love to teach that style also. It’s always best to have many options for different species and conditions. I’ve got you covered!


I have migrated away from the hustle and hassles of peak season fishing on the Salmon River. I will not put good clients in that scenario of “competing for a rock to stand on” with other so-called anglers flailing away at fish. I now only stream guide for awesome browns, bows and brookies on quiet scenic streams, creeks and small lakes. These are still quality bank wading trips where you can fish in peace, and get that relaxation you were after.


Do you enjoy a bit more of comfort and pampering during your fishing time? How does being chauffeured around on a new comfy 18ft, open style Sea Hunt boat, geared for 2 clients only, sound? Care for a fishing trip for 2, using FLY RODS for BASS & PIKE on some great local waters? Rather use spinning gear? That’s OK too! Heck, even if you’d only like to try either fly or spin for some dinner time panfish, I’m game for that too!


A float trip down the Salmon River for 1 person during special summer water releases, to fish for summer run Atlantics, Skamania Steelhead, Brown Trout, and even a few Smallmouth Bass. This is another luxury ride I have that puts you at the front of breathtaking scenery and rod bending action.
A must trip that gives you many options. You can even ask to fish some of the nice reservoirs and ponds in the area for trout or bass and pike. Don’t wait on this offer. The dates get booked fast!

Dig into that “bucket list” and let’s go.