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December/January Fishing Report

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Posted by: Fred on Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy New Year everyone! This steelhead season keeps on rolling along with great numbers of fish throughout the river. Fresh, silvery ones have been steadily coming in and some of these sizes will make your jaw drop. It’s been ususally warm up here and with no snow to speak of, it’s very easy to fish anywhere you go. Recommended flies are natural patterns like stoneflys, and wooly’s sized up at 10’s, 12’s and 14’s. Egg sacks in pink, blue and chartruse are the top colors.

The only downside events have been the water releases. Because they (Brascan Power) are still working on the dam, they have to maintain a target range in feet, to effect the repairs. So…’s been water-in….water-out, and sometimes the scheduling is a bit confusing. It’s always best to check on the wayer level on a daily basis and stay alert.

Other than that, I’ve been kicking back and fishing almost every weekend, with either clients or friends, and occasionally…..just a quiet day alone. If you can find some time, get here and enjoy the mild weather before the real NY winter stuff draws a bead on us.

Catch ya,


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