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2007 Spring Steelies

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Posted by: Fred on Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here we are in mid-March. The river is finally free of ice blockage and temps are warming up. Fresh steelhead are coming in for the “spring spawn” and dropbacks are starting to head down. Getting caught in the “crossfire” is the key to an awesome day with incredible action! Dropbacks are on a huge feed and will hit almost anything in their path. One has to be careful though, these fish that have wintered in the river are in a bit of a weakened state and should not be over-played or over-handled. After all, it is truly amazing that they can survive in the wild Upstate NY weather conditions. Fresh run steel are entering the river to spawn and then scoot back out. Usually, by the end of April, things are quiet, but a few “hangers” will still be around. If you haven’t made plans for spring fishing, do it now.

I still have some weekends open if you’d like to be guided.

Throughout the spring and summer, I will be assist hosting seminars for youngsters, women, and the guys. I’ll also be doing river clean ups and attending fishery-related meetings. AND……in my newest venture, I am now a full-fledged, licensed Captain w/Master’s Upgrade. I won’t be doing standard Lake Ontario charters at this point, but will be specializing in inland lake fly fishing for special needs. More on that at a later date.

Bookings for the fall salmon and steelhead runs are now filling up. All indications from the NYSDEC are that this will be one of our banner years! Call and book now.

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