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Changes For 2008

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Posted by: Fred on Monday, May 28, 2007

Over the years, I have found guiding for Chinook and Coho salmon to be more of an undesirable experience than anything. The main reason is the crowds and unethical behavior that my clients witness, while trying to learn traditional and ethical methods to catch salmon. In short, it’s a zoo. To me, this is not the kind of experience I care to put good clients into for the fees they pay me. I regard a quality day on the water as one that a person can learn, have plenty of room to fish, and not see bad things happening around them. So, with that being said…..

Starting in 2008, my services will only cover spring and summer trout (any species) and Atlantic salmon on NYS rivers, streams and tribs. I will not be offering trips for the fall runs of Pacific salmon, but will start guiding for Steelhead and Browns, starting November 1st. My desire has always been to give my clients a quality trip in a stress-free setting. These new changes will attempt to accomplish that. Fishing needs to remain fun!

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